Pastor’s welcoming message

- Pastor’s welcoming message

   Welcome to Silicon Valley Mission Church!
   May the grace and peace of God be with everyone who visits our church today.

   Our life is so precious gift as well as a span of time in this world.

   Oftentimes, however, we forget this meaning of life and experience wanderings during the journey of our lives.

   There exists a direction in life.

   Sometimes, however, we tend to wander because we don’t have a clear direction. In order to know the direction of life, we need two components, the starting point and the end point of life. However, we see that the starting point of our life was placed beyond our selection, and the end point is also remained beyond our decision to choose. Considering the situation where we cannot control any of the two points, it may be natural for us to be wandering in the course of our lives.

   On the other hand, we also see that many people are enjoying freedom from this type of wandering in life. Why do we see this contrasting look among people? It is because it is possible when people meet in their lives the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

   I sincerely hope that, through Silicon Valley Mission Church, everyone can enjoy the true freedom from the problems of wandering and restore the preciousness of life, sharing the joy together. Thank you.

- Profile of Lead Pastor

Pastor Sangmin resides in San Jose, California, together with his wife, Misoon, and two children, Yesol and Yechan.
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